Thursday, June 30, 2011

diy: photo stand

you'll need:
- some cardboard
- some tape (got my mickey mouse tape cause i'm cool like that)
- paper cutter ($7 Officeworks)

Cut strips of cardboard into same widths.
Mine are 2cm each.


when stacked you going to need around
1.5cmof cardboard


 stack them together

get your cool tape and bind the ends, leave about 0.5cm of cardboard as the end.

cute aye?

repeat for the other end

and your done, it sits nicely

then tuck some photos (ive got a polaroid of me as a kid) inbetween the cardboard


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

winter warmth

winter warmth
overcoat (Yishion) - $21
denim jeans (Jay Jays) - $30
  ankle boots (K-mart) - $12
scarf - $5
[simple shirt inside - $7]
Total: $75

 You can now begin to tell that,  I try and mix and match pieces of clothing to create new outfits. 
The overcoat I am wearing - oh my god i can honestly say, it is one of the warmest pieces of clothes I have.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a quick tip

 ever had soggy books or sheets after having a bad day in the rain? its horrible isnt it?
so how do we prevent this awful problem from happening... get some....*drum rolls*


these are very simple objects that are so helpful and good when it comes to protecting your books and notes

these babies are so cheap its not funny,
you can get a pack of these colourful folders for a couple of bucks and they'll last you quite a while

you can get a pack of these colourful folders for a couple of bucks and they'll last you for quite a while

so get your book/books ready

and this lovely one i have here with the cute bicycle on the front, is from typo for... $2

two buck :O unbelievable

just pop your book/s or sheet/s into your folder

and you're done.
these folders will protect your books, keeping them nice and neat and most importantly dry!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

fashion: cute date

cute date
t-shirt (Target) - $15
cardigan (mum's) - $0
denim jeans (Jay Jays) - $30
ugg boots (Rubi Shoes) - $25
scarf - $5
Total: $75

fashion trends are always coming back, so clothes from the past are good to keep
or like me i scavenge through my mum's closet and get her clothes :)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

diy: scarf collection storage

oh dear, what a mess :O

So its winter time down under and the scarves are coming out of hibernation and ready to put just that little touch to your outfit. But how should we organise and store them nicely?

well here's a quick diy!

you'll need :

- a coat hanger (preferably a wooden one as the plastic and metal ones aren't strong enough if you have a huge collection)
I got a pack of 3 for $2.50
- some shower curtain hooks/rings
I got a pack of 12 for $1.50
- and those awesome scarves

If your wondering what the size of the curtain hooks should be, mine are about 6cm in length and 3.5cm in width. If you have thick scarves I recommend bigger hooks, circular ones are nice too.

okay, so you've got your coat-hanger?

lets get started.

so get your curtain hook/ring and pop it onto the horizontal part of the coat-hanger

once you've got it in, it should just sit nicely on the bar

now get your scarf ready..

ive got one of my favourites -
my purple scarf ($5)

[purple is my favourite colour]

okay, now get one end of the scarf

and loop the end of the scarf through the curtain hook

done! you've now have your own scarf collection storage

repeat the process, by adding more scarves.

nice and neat! plus you can put it into your closet and it'll only take up one coat hanger's room.



please don't leave quite yet

Adam Agin -Please Don't Leave Quite Yet

your voice is soothing to the soul


Friday, June 24, 2011

fashion: night out

night out with the girls
blazer (got overseas) - $17
grey polka dot top (Sugar Lips) - $5
black jeans (Jay Jays) - $30
black ankle boots (K-mart) - $12
necklace (got overseas) - $1
Total: $65

good right? cheap, still rocking cool so?
you don't need the big brands to look good
my goal is to show how to mix and match pieces to create new outfits


diy: iphone stand

Ever needed an iPhone case, but your asian like me and prefer to make things than buy them.. lol..
well here's a quick diy

you'll need:

- an old cassette case
- some pretty paper

so all you gotta do is decorate the cassette,
do whatever you like,

 - make a collage?
 - do a drawing?
 - or if your lazy like just put in some pretty paper

and pop your iPhone in. easy peasy

easy, simple, compact, cute
what more could you want?

(god i sound like some sort of advertising weirdo)



All Things Bright and Beautiful

 so my friend told me that
owl city's second album's out
All Things Bright and Beautiful

plant life is a good song.


new goals

- 97 ATAR Bachelor of Architecture
- working harder
- prioritising
- making decisions like a grown up