Tuesday, July 26, 2011

diy: birthday card

all my friends know that i usually make my own cards for people for their birthdays.

i feel it just gives it that little bit of personal touch and its just nice and unique.

so as you know it was one of my best friends birthday last week, so i made him a card

really simple and easy, my friend particularly likes... modern graphic design, architecture etctec, in which i'm the complete opposite - i love all the old anitque sorta little things :)

nyways so what i did was..

i drew out a sort of stencil of what i was going to cut: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [INSERT NAME]

using an exacto knife or blade knife

i cut out the letters

when they were all cut,

i just simple popped them out..

using a rubber, i rubbed out the stencil i had drawn

ta-daa! to finish off
i added some black cardboard behind it, to bring out the typography
it was used as a pocket to slip money into :)