Monday, July 4, 2011

diy: infinity scarf

you'll need:
a sewing machine, tailor scissors and about 2x [(1m by 1m) of material : im using blue rib material]

so i cut my material from a big fabric roll,
eugh look at that horrible cutting....
now my material is in a loop.. like look at the picture above.. the top and bottom are rounded and continous, while the left and right side are cut

its two layers(if that makes sense)
if you dont have continuous material, then just sew the top and bottom of two pieces of 1mx1m fabric

so fold the edge in (all around) and were gonna sew that off

sew - im using dark navy thread.
best to use thread close to your material colour

remember to reverse when you start and finish to tie off and secure the sewing

so you should have sewn all around,
then repeat for the other end.

now heres where it gets kind of confusing...

put the edges together... (the neat side facing out)

 make sure they're neatly together

do it the whole way round

then sew together and you're done.

so how do you wear an inifinity scarf?
there are many ways but i like to wear it like so:

put it on


loop over head

play around and fix it up

for a bit of an edge, twist the scarf around a couple of time
before twisting and looping over your head