Sunday, July 17, 2011

harry potter 7

 darling harbour - i got to watch HP7 at IMAX today
 snapped a picture of hogwarts through my 3D glasses
darling harbour - night - after HP7
[image from Tumblr]
sighh it all ends.
it was good.
i currently have a sense of sadness - i feel numb.
 the part where its the final showdown between harry and voldemort
man, iunno what voldemort screamed but i shat my pants laughing so hard
everyone else in the cinema is all serious and watching oooh whats gonna happen
and you just see me laughing my ass off... lol
i love snape..  like so beautifully sad :(
portrayed as such a dark character - but truly not.
everyone loves and wants to be loved.