Sunday, July 17, 2011

that bag

i found this gorg. bag, can you believe it?

that bag
overcoat (Yishion) - $21 [i know i keep wearing it - but its just so nice and warm]
floral skirt (Factorie) - $5
white top (Supre) - $10
black flats (K-mart) - $10 
black stockings - $5
scarf - $5
tan leather bag (found) - $0
Total: $56
i finally realised that i sound like a mastercard ad...
blahblah - $10
blhahaojsdn - $priceless

that bag - i found it - its a long story but
my rents were about to give it to salvos
when i laid my eyes on this baby.
lovelovelove that bag.