Tuesday, August 2, 2011

diy: paperweight

you will need:
- a small jar, best with lid
- needle and thread
- fabric
- stuffing

draw a circle on the fabric

cut out circle (:


thread the needle and tie a knot,

simply start stitching in and out of the fabric

in and out,
in and out,
keep doing it around the circle

it'll begin to look like so,

when you've gone 
the whole way round 
it should like this,

turn the fabric over 
place some stuffing in the centre,

pinching the stuffing down,


pull the thread tightly

glue the .. thing LOL (what do you call it? cushion thing) to the inside of the lid and close the jar.

i left the needle in... 
cause i'm cool like that :)
jokes bro!
ahhahah im so lame :)

anyways, i added a little man and a flag.


a man on a hill paperweight.

keep it on your desk and
everytime you look at it
you'll know the only way to get to the top
is to