Friday, September 9, 2011

take me to the candy shop

Take me to the candy shop

(more photos to come soon)

title: take me to the candy shop

my finished major work,
human sized soft sculpture food packaging
(they look so chubby hahas)

i kinda feel like some chocolate right now...

the madbury one is stuffed with stuffing
and the other two with.. lots and lots and lots of newspaper
(thank you to those who helped me stuff them <3)

i cant wait to use the madbury one as a cushion LOL
i should totally make them into bean bags :O
and thank you
to my wonderful models for posing (like goofs) with me - love you guys so much
and thank you
mum, dad and bro for helping me get through those stressful late night sewing sessions
 and thank you
to whoever just stops by and notices them (: