Saturday, October 29, 2011




 purple tshirt (giordano) - $15
denim shorts (Ally) - $0 - gift
  thongs (Kmart) - $2 
bandana (Canteen) - $4
total: $21

yesterday, friday the 28th of October was National Bandana Day
at school, they sold all different designs of bandanas
i bought a floral one.
the money raised went to an organisation called Canteen.
they support and help young people living with cancer.


currently listening to: blood - the middle east

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Friday, October 28, 2011

purely amazing

i happened to stumble upon this video today.
it's one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen.
im not gonna lie,
i cried.


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

everyone has bad days

i'm having a bad day.
well at least i think its a reasonably bad day.
there was some crying,
laughing, teasing and some solemn thinking.

but i guess life is always full of those bumps along the way,
today is just one of them.

despite being a bad day, i do have some iphone photos that i want to share because these made me smile.

1. my maths study cards - mum's idea (thankyou), she says im gonna need to remember a lot of formulas in the coming year and since im a visual learner - these would help and they do.

2. last friday's morning coffee before school - yummy. t'was my shout

3. a new 'old' wallet - genuine cowhide, mum's, its like a decade old. love love love.
playing around with some iphone photography apps

4. red rose from my garden last week, rain rain go away come again another day ):

'All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

x gracie

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

misguided ghosts

IMG_1880 h
IMG_1876 h

misguided ghosts
t-shirt - $10
denim shorts (Ally) - $0 - gift
  thongs (Kmart) - $2 
Total: $12 

i went to tutor yesterday,
and as i was entering my tutor's house,
his infant daughter kept saying
'hello hello, hello gracie, hello'
she was also pointing at my shirt saying
'cat cat you have cat'
it was the sweetest thing ever.

'Cause I'm just one of those ghosts
Traveling endlessly'


currently listening to: misguided ghosts - paramore (just an old favourite)

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

hearts in the night sky

IMG_1859 h
hearts in the night sky
navy dress with white hearts (Cotton On) - $20
mini cardigan (Ses) - $15
black flats (K-mart) - $10
Total: $45

had halloween dress-up for school today.
i couldn't be bothered to do much and plus
i left my witches hat at my friend's place.
BUT i decided to go as...
'the night sky' (:

currently listening to: feel so close - calvin harris

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i want to go to..

(in no particular order)
1. New York City
2. Venice, Italy
3. Monaco
4. Paris, France
 5. Zakynthos, Greece
6. Vienna, Austria
 7. Buckingham Palace, England 
8. San Francisco, California

9. Bath, England
10. Rome, Italy
All photos from Google Images. 

just some of the places i wanna travel to one day.
mainly Europe, i don't know why... it must be the architecture.

ill keep dreaming for now.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

when we first met

IMG_1823 h
IMG_1824 h

when we first met
floral skirt (Factorie) - $5
grey t-shirt (Kmart) - $4.50
gladiators - $10
sunhat (Target) - $10
total: $29.50

loving the warm weather.
had tutor today.
then i went through my mum's closet (as i do)
found the cutest delicate white blouse ever. 
can't wait to wear it.

i hope you are having a lovely weekend.


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Thursday, October 13, 2011

free periods


free periods are just blissful.
today half my day was pretty much free periods. i spent them doing maths homework and making modern history notes. oh how fun. no, really i like making modern history notes with my colourful stabilo pens. kinda even looks like a comic strip. ahahs

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Sunday, October 9, 2011


goodbye old woes and hello new beginnings:

[one of my favourite photographs; geelong,victoria]

i was going to name this post - "composure", but i found a cooler word in the thesaurus

 [aplomb] noun
self-confidence or assurance, esp. when in a demanding situation : Diana passed the test with aplomb.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the final year of the 'high school' chapter in my life. I am surprised of how fast time has gone and how so much has changed from when I first stepped into high school. It only felt like yesterday that it was the first day - feeling old in primary school, but all of a sudden feeling like kindergartens in a high school. I still remember my first day clearly. One of my greatest friends always tells the story of how I met her on that first day at lunch time - its embarrassing and yet it was the start of a fabulous friendship.

I am both frightened and excited to finish this chapter of my life.
I am making sacrifices and making goals.
I think I will learn a lot about myself in the coming year.
*breaks out into song* "I WILL SURVIVE!!"

changes i am making:
  1. i'm deleting my facebook. it's too much of a distraction and waste of time.
  2. staying focused and motivated
  3. studying (for real)
  4. reading more
  5. having specific relaxation times - not just big jumbles of procrastination
  6. sticking study notes in the bathrooms (still haven't discussed this one with the family yet)
  7. using a lever arch folder and stabilo pens (good stationery keeps you motivated, or its just a good excuse to buy nice pens and nice folders)
  8. cleaning my desk everytime i'm finished studying
  9. less blogging (i'm sorry D:)
  10. starting a diary again.

One of my friends, Gieun, gave me this journal for my birthday. I haven't written in it yet.
She wrote, "Because sometimes good paper is the only thing that promotes ideas".
I totally agree. I hope I can keep up with the diary entries.

[from above]
9. less blogging (i'm sorry D:)

yes. less blogging. as much as I would like to keep building this blog, the coming year will prevent me from doing that. I will blog when I can.

wish me luck and thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and this blog in the past 4 months!

this must be the first time I have written so much in a blog post.

music stuck in my head atm: pumped up kicks by foster the people


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Saturday, October 8, 2011

nerdin' it up

i look like a fat asian kid who just had a scrumptious mud cake.
 nerdin' it up
white blouse (Lowes) - $10
bow tie (diy) - $0
black and red suspenders (brother's) - $0
 socks - $1
glasses (3D movie ones) - $0
denim shorts (K-mart) - $15
grey chucks (Converse) - $20 [got overseas - with some easy bargaining]
total: $46

my friends had an early halloween party. 
we looked like fools.
i went to pick up pizza in my costume... everyone just looked at me oddly. 
im cool.
my last joy of fun before i crack down and begin my final year of highschool.
being a kid is fun - you can get away with almost anything.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

little journeys

sydney habourside
melbourne sunset view from Eureka Skydeck 88
bondi beach
went to the beach today.
im tired now.
i like smiling with my teeth showing... but
i look outrageously freaky when i smile with my braces D:
anyways, i love the first photo.
enjoy. okay. bye now.


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

diy: clear makeup pouch

diy time!

i know i haven't done one in ages, been way too busy, but here we go...
on today's menu - a clear durable plastic pouch for makeup (and other things)

I had already started making the pouch before I started taking photos.
and had created zig zag detail done through hand sewing..
you will need:
needle and thread - (white thread looks sleek with clear plastic)
and clear durable plastic (we recently bought a new dining table and with the dining table we bought a new clear plastic table cover - and we had leftover scraps of plastic, so that's where i got my plastic from)
thread the needle and tie a knot at the end
now i had a long scrap of plastic in the shape of a rectangle
i folded it in half and began hand sewing on one edge.
Pierce the plastic from the bottom,
and pull the thread through
then pierce up again, always pushing the needle through the plastic from the bottom
you'll see a zigzag pattern beginning to form
continue to hand sew - and don't forget to continue piercing from the bottom
to finish off tie a knot at the end and cut off excess thread
and cut off excess plastic
I cut a pentagon shape for the flap
and done.
add your makeup products and you're ready to go.
Its a good size so you use it to hold your daily essentials - mascara, eyeliner and some lip gloss.
Its clear, hence you can always see what you've got in your makeup pouch, instead of rummaging through a whole makeup bag.

However, it's versatile and it doesn't have to be used as a makeup pouch, use it as a pencil case...
 It's compact so it'll definitely fit in your bag.

use it for whatever,
I have a friend who brings her own cutlery to restaurants,
why not use this pouch for cutlery?
take your cutlery home in this pouch and
if you get sauce all in the pouch - don't worry!
you can wash it, its plastic.

it's a versatile, flexible, adaptable, all-round, multi-purpose handy pouch.

share the love and diy!

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