Sunday, October 9, 2011


goodbye old woes and hello new beginnings:

[one of my favourite photographs; geelong,victoria]

i was going to name this post - "composure", but i found a cooler word in the thesaurus

 [aplomb] noun
self-confidence or assurance, esp. when in a demanding situation : Diana passed the test with aplomb.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the final year of the 'high school' chapter in my life. I am surprised of how fast time has gone and how so much has changed from when I first stepped into high school. It only felt like yesterday that it was the first day - feeling old in primary school, but all of a sudden feeling like kindergartens in a high school. I still remember my first day clearly. One of my greatest friends always tells the story of how I met her on that first day at lunch time - its embarrassing and yet it was the start of a fabulous friendship.

I am both frightened and excited to finish this chapter of my life.
I am making sacrifices and making goals.
I think I will learn a lot about myself in the coming year.
*breaks out into song* "I WILL SURVIVE!!"

changes i am making:
  1. i'm deleting my facebook. it's too much of a distraction and waste of time.
  2. staying focused and motivated
  3. studying (for real)
  4. reading more
  5. having specific relaxation times - not just big jumbles of procrastination
  6. sticking study notes in the bathrooms (still haven't discussed this one with the family yet)
  7. using a lever arch folder and stabilo pens (good stationery keeps you motivated, or its just a good excuse to buy nice pens and nice folders)
  8. cleaning my desk everytime i'm finished studying
  9. less blogging (i'm sorry D:)
  10. starting a diary again.

One of my friends, Gieun, gave me this journal for my birthday. I haven't written in it yet.
She wrote, "Because sometimes good paper is the only thing that promotes ideas".
I totally agree. I hope I can keep up with the diary entries.

[from above]
9. less blogging (i'm sorry D:)

yes. less blogging. as much as I would like to keep building this blog, the coming year will prevent me from doing that. I will blog when I can.

wish me luck and thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and this blog in the past 4 months!

this must be the first time I have written so much in a blog post.

music stuck in my head atm: pumped up kicks by foster the people


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