Saturday, October 8, 2011

nerdin' it up

i look like a fat asian kid who just had a scrumptious mud cake.
 nerdin' it up
white blouse (Lowes) - $10
bow tie (diy) - $0
black and red suspenders (brother's) - $0
 socks - $1
glasses (3D movie ones) - $0
denim shorts (K-mart) - $15
grey chucks (Converse) - $20 [got overseas - with some easy bargaining]
total: $46

my friends had an early halloween party. 
we looked like fools.
i went to pick up pizza in my costume... everyone just looked at me oddly. 
im cool.
my last joy of fun before i crack down and begin my final year of highschool.
being a kid is fun - you can get away with almost anything.
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