Wednesday, November 2, 2011

diy: you octopi my thoughts





a simple tote bag i made ages ago.
hadn't used it until this week because, i accidently left
my yellow highlight lid uncapped and it went all over my other tote.
'you octopi my thoughts'
haha oh yes you do. jokes!

i realise now that my octopus looks kinda evil.
i should fix that up, when i have the time...

simple steps:
1. make the design you want on your bag.
(i added an octopus pun which i just found on the internet)
2. paint with fabric paint.
i used lavender & black fabric paint. i mixed a bit of both to get the dark maroon colour.
3. let dry and iron accordingly to instructions from the fabric paint.
4. and you're done. time to enjoy your new tote.


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