Tuesday, November 29, 2011

nothing but the beat





nothing but the beat

white blouse (mum's) - $0
blue jeans (Cocolatte) - $20
brogue lace heels - $5
total - $25

to be honest,
the blue denims aren't mine - they're my mum's.
but i was with her when she bought them..... so..... mm...

and yes, this is the outfit in my new banner

the blouse is the one I was talking about in another outfit post a while back
and the heels are the ones i got for 5 dollarmollars.

on a side note,
i bought a bucket today.
a black plastic bucket.
for 72cents.
i don't know why i bought a bucket,
but 72cents for a bucket in this economy seems pretty damn good to me.


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