Tuesday, December 20, 2011

all of my doubt suddenly goes away

a new outfit, long overdue..

all of my doubt suddenly goes away

top (got in Hong Kong)- $5
navy jeans (Jay Jays) - $20 [new!]
brogue lace heels - $5
authentic leather bag (Le Pelican) - mum's - $0 
total: $30

so i think my last outfit post was last month and i only had one outfit post last month - oh dear.
you may ask why?

i have been a hermit for the past two months. in my "cosy" shell (school, home, tutor)
in the past two months, my typical week consisted of school,
then tutor on friday arvo, tutor on saturday morning and tutor on sunday morning.
tiring? yes. 
boring? a little, but there was always the joy of homework to entertain me 
(sense my sarcasm?)

so yes i have been a little MIA with these outfits posts because all i usually wear to tutor is
a pair of comfy leggings and a tshirt - and that's not blog-interesting enough to share.

if you've read this far, i commend you for still reading. 
sorry to bore you, but hey this is my blog with my thoughts.

anyways so this outfit was what i wore today as i went out with some girlfriends.
my feet kill from wearing those heels - i give up, i live in Australia, flop flops all the way!
my teeth also hurt, i went to see my dentist and he gave me an early christmas present: elastics.

sorry for the sarcasm, i must be in a... sarcastic mood right now.


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