Monday, December 12, 2011

botanical illustration no.2


my second experimental botanical painting,
the first one was a complete failure, so i won't show you that.
this was the one i did last week on a wednesday night,
while watching gossip girl (chuck + blair :O)


that's how messy my desk was.
and still is.... to an extent
i like neat desks, but they always become messy and filled with bits and bobs.
i have this thing where everything is strategically placed,
so i always know where everything is, in its messy pile.
i know, its weird.

but seriously, from that photo you can see my desk has a bit of everything.
- sunscreen
- tape measurer
- my palette
- tape
- earphones.
man, its like "i spy"

on a side note.
uhm who is the person who put their number on my phone..
under the name of "shrek"? 
so suspicious :), but seriously i have no idea who it is.

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