Sunday, December 11, 2011

first haul

so on youtube, these girls make these videos called "hauls" and they show you what they've bought.
i'm about to do the same.

i feel bad for not blogging in a while, 
i had exams and then an assessment due the week after exams.
so i was pretty busy.
but im back. hopefully. no yes i am back.
well the coming week is the last week of school, so holidays are coming up,
including christmas and new years - yay!

anyways so this haul..

these are just some items i picked up in the last couple of days/weeks

1. Violet & lace top from Factorie ($29.95)

i've been wanting a top like this for weeks and ive been going from store to store
 looking for the right one and i've finally found it.

2. Jamaica Stripe Canvas Weekender from Colette ($35.95)

love love love

3. Curious by Britney Spears 10ml ($12)

i had the these little spray testers from some promotion for this perfume
and i have been loving it since,
i didn't want to get a spray bottle, because i have bottles of perfume that i never end up finishing.
so i thought i might get a roll on version.

4. Gold gift decorations ($2.50)

for xmas,
i love wrapping presents. im not sure why. 

5. Caramel dress from Cinch ($5)

5 dollarmollars - another good find

6. Studs from Diva ($5)

that is all.
to finish off..
i really like my bun today.. lol


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