Sunday, January 29, 2012

diaries and day planners of 2012.

Introducing my diaries/day planners of 2012.

Meet Bill and Bob, okay so they aren't their real names, but hey its funny.

Left: Kikki.K 2012 Diary - christmas gift from Chris (thanks Chris)
Right: Typo 2012 Diary - bought myself $10

Diary 1.

So when I received this gift I laughed. I got this from a Kris Kringle and my friend who got me, was who I got for Kris Kringle - and she didn't realise I got her. It was so funny tricking and confusing her - sorry Chris! She knew I wanted a diary because I was looking on the net while we were in English one day and I came across this one and it was 25$ and I was like wow.. so expensive. But I love it, thank youuu!

So before, I opted to start writing a journal/diary. It worked for about a week, but I would always write before bed and I'd end up falling asleep. I would also end up writing about feelings and stuff and it would be really long. So when I got this diary, I had already bought the one from Typo already and was going to use that one for school. So I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with this one.

But then I decided to write 5 lines a day of a summary of my day. It's great because each day has an allocated space so I don't overwrite and all.

I love the design of the diary.

Diary 2.

I just saw this at Typo and it was so cheap so I bought it. Going to use it for school, which I start tomorrow and am so not ready for. I also wrapped plastic on the front and back cover to hopefully keep the diary in a good state for the whole year.

Once of the places I want to travel to is Europe, with the photos in the diary, they'll keep me motivated throughout the year.


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