Wednesday, March 28, 2012

diy: polaroids

So the title may not be the perfect name for this diy, but these are kinda sorta diy polaroids - not really. lol. I love polaroids, they are beautiful little things, but I personally find good quality photos more loveable and its waaaaay cheaper! And and and - you dont have to worry about taking a bad photo or the photo not turning out right. Convinced yet? haha, clicky below to find out how to make-ty make these babies. I'm so tired at the moment, I don't even know what I'm typing anymore ):

Step 1: Gather your photos and print them out according to your preferred sizing, I fit four on the normal 4" by 6" photo size


Step 2:  Choose the colour of your thin cardboard


Step 3: Get

Step 4: Cut out your photos

Step 5: Glue onto cardboard

Step 6: Cut a border around the photo - to make it look more 'polaroid-ery' (totally just made up a word), make the boarder thicker at the bottom.

Step 7:  Enjoy your newly handcrafted goodies!

Step 8: (optional) If you wanted to gift these, you could make a couple more and write little notes on the back of the cards - lovely! ;)


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