Saturday, March 24, 2012

favourite ornaments

Ten of my favourite things/ornaments in my room.

1. A second-hand miror - made in Japan

2. Dad's SLR Camera - so clich├ęd right? But it's what inspired me to start taking photos

 3. A diy paper stained glass jar

4. A paper weight from my lovely friend, Landy

5. A taxi car I made in Year 8 Woodwork Class

 6. A snow globe of the Great Wall of China - beautiful place

7. A mini cupboard I made a long time ago

8. A note stand from Hong Kong Disneyland

9. A jar of coloured sand (diyed this quite a while ago) - I might show you how to do that one day

10. A little statue of a girl, which I've had for ages - I can't remember where I got this from though


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