Tuesday, March 13, 2012

well read

I'm free. I've finished all my exams. Well, technically I finished yesterday at 10am and left the exam hall giddy and jumping with joy. I've procrastinated for 24 hours now. How lovely. Today I decided to up and change my iphone case. Last december I posted a little tutorial on how to diy an iphone case and so if you've seen the tutorial, its pretty basic. I took this page out of an old book that I got from a library sale the other day for 10 cents - in the process of making another diy with the book. This literal piece will complement my personality as it will express how well read I am. [insert geeky snort and laughter] Heh. Anyways hope you're well and enjoying your day!


currently listening to: tonight is the night by outasight

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