Sunday, April 8, 2012

diy: peter pan collar

 Diy time, how is everyone? So I've been meaning to post up some diys lately but I've kinda been lazing around since the school holidays started. I've written my to-do list, it's so long it's not even funny. Last night, I got off the phone with my two bums :) (who doesn't love 'conference calls'?) and they asked why I hadn't blogged in a while, I told them I was doing maths hw ): which I was ):

Nyways so, this diy post is the peter pan collar, so many people have already done diy videos/posts on this, so I though I might as well do one too, plus I really wanted to make one.

You will need:

- white cotton fabric, lace works as well, or felt.
If you use felt, you don't need to hem the edges, but I you use cotton you may want to. 
Note: I don't hem mine cause I'm a lazy butt, but by hemming the fabric the ends won't fray, which means the collar will be more 'wear and tear' resistant.

- white ribbon
I couldn't find any silky ribbon around my house so I opted for cotton ribbon.

- a white button

- needle and thread that matches your fabric

- mini pearls (optional)
I decided to include a pearl ontop of my button to give my collar a little edge and elegance

Okay, time to make ourselves a fashionable collar! 

Step 1:  Draw a collar-shape on your fabric with a light pencil, I just eye-ed mine but you can find printable template online if you wish.

 Step 2: Cut out your fabric, because I winged mine I only drew half of my collar.

 Step 3: If you winged yours and used a template skip this step, but here I placed my half-collar on top of the fabric and cut out another piece.

Step 4 : So now we have our two collar pieces, place them in your prefered position.

Step 5:  Hand-sew on your button to secure the two pieces of fabric in place.

Step 6: So now it should look a little something like this, now because I winged mine the ends of the collar look really awkward.

Step 7: Flipping it over, I fold down the two ends and prepare my white ribbon.

Step 8: By hand sewing the ribbon onto the ends of the collar, you can now tie the collar with the ribbon when you wear it.

And done, now wear it over a sweater or a dress or just a simple top. Enjoy and goodluck!


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