Saturday, May 5, 2012

diy: mother's day gift

 Mother Day, 13th May! Time to give back to your mum, for being the absolute best.

Click below to read more on this easy peasy diy gift.

You will need a jar of some sort - you choose the size. This one is from the Reject Shop for around 3 dollars. Its about the size of an open palm.

Layer the bottom with some sort of bedding -  fabric? cotton balls? anything you like. Here I've just scrunched up some tissue paper.

Fill up with things she likes - makeup products, perfume etc.

Pop in a little heart too, this is just a craft heart from a dollar store.

Scented candles are a must too!

To really show her how much you love her, top it off with a lovely ribbon.

Happy 'early' Mother's Day!


p.s. so my best friend texted me telling me mothers day was next sunday after reading this post, but I had specifically remembered someone telling me mother's day was today (was it you, fried tofu?) Oh wells, better early than late I guess.

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