Sunday, May 20, 2012

messy hair

purple jumper (mum's) - $0
scarf (diy) - $0 - or $1.20 if you count the yarn
jeans (Jay Jays) - $20
ugg boots (Cotton On) -$25
Total: $45

So I finished knitting my scarf and its the warmest thing ever. I love it and  I'm really happy with how it's turned out. It's taken like 3 months - but that's because I didn't knit it consistently. Its an infinity scarf that wraps around twice. On another note, I still haven't bought new ugg boots yet, been meaning to do so for a while now. It'll get round to it soon - no time for shopping. Gotta study. Exams in 2 weeks. Grr.
- still have the sniffles.
- florence + the machine - breath of life is a good song
- integrating secx gives you ln(secx+tanx)+c
- i need a hair cut


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