Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the tea canister

So the topic of tips tuesday.. today (wow, what a mouthful of t's) is the tea canister.
Tea canisters hold tea (obviously) and the Japanese ones have the most beautiful designs.

Anyways so onto the tip, I noticed that these little containers are great for holiday loose items in your bag. For me these little bits and bobs include:

1. Tooth picks - I have a whole stash of them. Having braces and all, you never know when a horrific embarrassing food-stuck-in-the brace moment could happen: it's shocking I tell ya. Absolutely shocking. So that's basically why I carry around my trusty toothpicks.

2. Bobby pins, hair ties and ribbons - an essential, I'm always losing my booby pins and the tea canister keeps them nice and snug.

3. Earphones - Okay, so basically I carry all my books (and lunchbox and bottle etc) in my bag and my earphones always get lost amongst the mess, hence tea canister = never lose them to the wrath of the the bag and getting tangled between books.

Hope this has inspired you in some way or another!



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