Friday, July 6, 2012

comfortable and pleasant

grey sweater (bigw) - $8- what? its comfy. don't judge :)
denim jeans (jay jays) - $20
scarf (old school scarf) - $5
ugg boots - $75

Yo! So... hi :)

  • Finally got my uggs, they are amazing. So warm, I would wear them everywhere.
  • TGIF.
  • I've been listening to some house/dubstep music lately - it's great music to exercise to, you get so motivated its incredible.
  • I'm content - I found a framer for my art major today. I drove to at least 5 places around Sydney to find one that was willing to do the job - last one on my list was the lucky one.
  • Excited - cause I will be seeing my two bestfriends soon: I miss them to death.
  • Annoyed and satisfied - that I've wasted a week on my art major rather than studying for my trials, but I guess its better to get it over and done with.
  • Happy - cause I finally got round to fixing my the format of my blog - been meaning to do it since March - only, you know, 3 months late, no biggie. 


n.b. felt like doing things in bullet point today.

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