Friday, July 27, 2012

strict librarians


Okay, so just a heads up this is gonna be a rant post.

So, today I was at the library and there's this one librarian that just hates me and my friends' guts. (is that grammatically correct?) Today he told me off for being "rude and insolent", look you ask any single one of my teachers (not joking any teacher), I'm basically known as what they call the "goodie-goodie", never rude. I mean I swear he's got it in for me. He's basically this old librarian who just nags you. Like look, my library is a pretty dodgy library, no joke, dodgy. No one follows no damn fucking rules, kids screaming, old men farting and w**king (i don't want that word on here, but you get my drift). And basically everyone brings food into the library. Today I had an icecream, the other day a lady had a whole pizza, a whole 8 sliced pizza with like a kabillion toppings - thats practically half a party. I mean you tell me off but not the rest of the f-ing community. No joke he just picks on me and my friend like he's got nothing better to do. And here's the thing that pisses me off even more, none of the other librarians care, like out of the 15 or so librarians roaming the place its just him. The rest of them honestly do not give a fuck. Like I swear... oh my god, people just need to chill. I mean yolo, why waste your life telling people off?

Wow, this kinda feels like a toned down Jenna Marbles rant.

 I've done ranting. Have a good night.


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