Wednesday, July 4, 2012

tips wednesday: drying brushes

So tips Wednesday.... I mean you know only a couple of hours late.. heh.

Moving on, so this tip is basically for all you awesome watercolour painters out there. When drying your brushes keep them in an upright position with the brush facing the ground. What this does is the water drips down the hair to the ground. If you had the hairs facing the sky, the water drips down towards the base of the brush and this can lead to the glue that holds the brush together to strip away over time. And one day the whole brush will just fall apart - trust me its happened. Hence for your brushes to sustain a prolong and happy life - let them point to the ground!

Maybe I should do a cleaning brush tutorial.....

Anyways, hope you're well!

n.b. this method of "letting the brushes point to the ground" also works for makeup brushes :)


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