Tuesday, July 3, 2012

winter break

So yes, winter break has begun and I'm freaking the f' out. I have so much to do these holidays its actually unbelievable. All of this week I'm painting as I need to finish my major artwork by the first week back at school. Then I have 2 essays to write, english essays to remember, maths homework to do, modern notes to type, trials to study for... it just never ends. To all the hsc students, best of luck and I hope no one is as busy as me. 

On another note in the last 3 days I've started my last topic for maths, did a j-ruse english hsc trial paper (omg), watched two films: the reader (too much sex, but interesting 'history and memory' story) and the vow (crap ending, channing's buff), painted and slept (alot). 

Umm, interesting things that have happened or will happen: mum recently got an ipad - its pretty cool, I'm getting ugg boots this week (sorry Jenny for dragging you), I'll finally complete my artwork and see it in the whole, new most played song good time by owl city and carly rae jepson and pretty little liars comes out tmrw - woot ;)

hope you're well, i think there'll be a tips tuesday today - i think....


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