Tuesday, August 21, 2012

crème blossom

floral skirt (Cotton On) - $10
suede-like overcoat (Emerson/Big W) - $40
collared blouse (unknown) - $5
heeled ankle boots (Rubi) - $40
black stockings - $5
navy sweater (St. Mark's) - brother's - $0
authentic leather bag (Le Pelican) - mum's - $0 

Hello, so I'm happy to finally say that I have officially finished my trial exams - had my last one this morning: modern history 3hours. I found that the 3 hours went by really quickly which was kind of good I guess.

Anyways to mark the end of my exams I've got a little outfit post that I put together. The floral skirt is the statement piece of this outfit (I've had it for ages) and it gives the whole look a girly touch but to tone it down I've gone with a collared blouse.

Despite weather warming up, if it does get chilly or if this outfit was to be worn from day-to-night the overcoat gives that extra warmth but still keeps the elegance of the outfit going. I actually love this coat, it is from Big W but I love that it's actually so warm and gives any outfit that little bit of sophistication - no kidding its affordable and looks good, whats not to love?

Just a side note before I finish up here and take the night off to chill,  I do feel slightly bad that I haven't been blogging my own material and its mostly "inspirational" bits and bobs but my excuse was exams, so I technically didn't have the time. But exams are over... for now, until the big one comes round in October/November. Poop.

Hope you're well.


n.b. curves are from Julia Trotti check out her stuff here - one of my friends actually modeled for her :)

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