Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sweet nothing

cardigan (Jay Jays) - $20
blue dress shirt - dad's - $0
black leggings (unknown) - $5
silver snake flats (K-mart) - $10 
black belt (Jay Jays) - $7.50 

Holidays - weee more like #studyblockbeforefinalexamsomgimsoscared.

So I've been hitting the library, two days in a row now and probably for the rest of September and beginning of October. I'm pretty sure, all the libraries of the state have been taken over by year 12s.
I haven't gotten sick of studying yet, so that's a good sign, but we'll see.

For this outfit, I'm gonna be honest, I didn't pair the belt with the look until taking these photos. I did try the belt on this morning but my stomach couldn't hold it. I didn't want a tight band around my abdomen all day, especially cause I would be sitting. It didn't look as good without a belt, but screw it I was like 'I need to be confortable if I'm gonna be sitting/studying for 6 hours'. Sometimes I wish I could just wear my pyjamas to the library - pure comfort.

In Photo #3: I was singing, poorly. I was trying to annoy my brother who was in the background.
In Photo #4: Well... just for laughs.

I've got this horrible sore throat, its one of those ones where it hurts to swallow. I know right? Horrible. I'm going to the docs tomorrow so it's all good.

I've also been walking to and from the station everyday - woop!! lets get rid of this study fat!!

Hope everyone's good.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

take a walk

peter pan collared sheer floral top (Kmart) - $15 
black singlet (Supre) - $5
red jeans (Ses) - $15
thongs (Kmart) - $2 
cardigan (Yessica) - $10
Today's outfit - weeeeee!

I want to talk about something pretty personal. So here we go.

My weight. Currently I am unhappy with my weight, emotionally and physically I feel unsatisfied. I blame the HSC. I have gained x amount of weight in the last 9 months all due to the fact that I have been sitting basically everyday for the past 9 months - studying. Its preposterous the impact the hsc can have on people.

I've always been a chubby wubby. From a baby, my mum tells me stories of how I was so chubby that I had fat rolls in places you can't even imagine. As I grew up, my height manage to even out most of my weight and I maintained a healthy BMI and weight for about 4 years, until now. And the thing is, you know your fat when you put on a pair of pants that were once unbelievably loose, but now fit your perfectly. What the flip.

I tell myself to lose the weight, but I just can't get myself into the routine of exercising regularly. I recently found and fell in love with popilates/blogilates, all due to my lovely friend Molly. It's intense and I did it for about two weeks. My whole body ached. I had muscles aching in places I never even knew I had muscles. But I felt so happy with myself afterwards. Every time I walked up stairs and my legs ached, I was slightly satisfied that I had worked hard.

Summer's coming and so is formal, so I really gotta lose this dead study weight. This made me feel a little better. But still, ariuf;dbskjcniwubksdinf My friend told me her plan is hitting the gym everyday of the holidays for 2 hours - fitness first is free for teens in the holidays. My plan - popilates!!!!

I feel that putting this on here, will make me feel like I should do something about this. The whole world will now know and because thats in the back of my mind, it'll hopefully motivate me, cause you know everyone's watching.....

I hate you, HSC. Literally and utterly hate you.

nyways, currently listening & loving: Take A Walk - Passion Pit


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Friday, September 21, 2012

graduation lunch

dark teal/blue top (Big W) - $5
denim shorts (Kmart) - $15
gladiators - $10
bag (gift from grandma) -  $0

Friday 21st September - post graduation celebrations

Today my guy best friend and I went to surprise my other best friend at her graduation. We planned it so that she thought she was meeting up with us tomorrow. I loved her reaction, she was so surprised. We got her flowers and congratulated her. We later hit the city for some lunch and some shopping.

So full-on studying will commence tomorrow. Here we go. Less than one month to go. Wish me luck.


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Thursday, September 20, 2012

graduation day

Thursday 20th September - the graduation

So I've graduated, officially and finally.

The formal assembly took an hour and a half. At the principal's address she commended us, but at one point brought my retiring english teacher on stage - presenting her with a medal. At this moment, I began tearing up and then crying. We later heard speeches from students and musical performances. At the final leg of the assembly, each year 12 student was presented with their portfolio, a document that held our report, graduation certificate and a school pin. We were applauded out of the hall, exiting through a tunnel of hands. The moment I stepped outside and saw my friends, the tears just came rolling back. Embarrassing but bittersweet.

We later all got changed into summer dresses and frocks, moving onto the Afternoon Tea - another school tradition. Teachers, students and parents mingled, taking photos and eating.

To the Class of 2012, I wish you all the very best in your lives, the sky is the limit. I'm so happy to have met you all and to have spent my final years of schooling with you - keep in touch ;) See you all very soon.

With tears and love,

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

muck up day

 September 18th 2012 - The last official day of school.

Yesterday was my last day at school and as the day progressed the little 'last' things just accumulated. First it was the last school bus in the morning, the last english lesson, maths lesson, art lesson and history lesson. Then there was the last lunch at school. And then the last school bus in the arvo. The lasts of the last. I was pretty bummed yesterday. Everything's coming to an end.

September 19th 2012 - woahh big day.

I'm so dead tired right now, I'm tired as I type. So today was the muck up cray-cray day at schoolio. I started the day off by crawling out of bed at 6am and then missing my 6:24 train to school. Got to school and we were having the Year 12 Breakfast - a tradition. At the Breakfast we got our yearbooks, breakkie and my friends got their year 7 letters.

Then it was muck up time. My group decided to all go as mimes. Side note: I spent all night last night making the white face paint. 1 part Cold Cream/(I used Sorbolene Cream and then freaked out that it wouldnt work) and 2 parts baby powder or corn starch. It makes your skin really smooth so today it felt like I had a facial. Anyways so, we all got ready in one of the classrooms. Now here's the downside, we took way too long to get ready that we missed out on the big year group muck up photo, which sucks but at the the same time we felt that the most important thing was that we got photos together - these were the memories that counted.

After muck up our year headed over to Coogee Beach. The weather was breath-taking. It was such a beautiful day. So the majority of us that left the face paint on decided to make a little photo series known as "Mime Adventures". Basically consisting of mimes in act, partaking in day to day activities. It was so funny to photograph, I just laughed so much but at the same time had to try and keep a straight face.

 This one is my favourite. This little toddler thought we looked cool and came over.
Then he came and blessed us each with handfuls of sand. Adorable.

We got cleaned up and headed into the city for some lunch - by now it was nearly 2 and I was starving. We hit up a Thai restaurant and I shared a green curry with Mandy. It was so nice. We later went shopping - formal dresses etc. Fun Fun!

I had an amazing day. I was literally just smiling the whole time. It's one of those days that you'll never forget. Thank you so much to everyone. Thank you for the memories and for the good times! I'm gonna miss you all so much.
Love you all!!

Graduation tomorrow, here we go... :(


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Monday, September 17, 2012


dark teal/blue top (Big W) - $5
b/w floral skirt (mum's) - $0
cardigan (Yessica) - $10
pink flats (Rubi) - $5

Today's outfit.

So we had mufti/civi day at school and the theme was spring. I decided on this beautiful maxi dress with a pattern of like a million flowers. I love the detail.
I dress like a grandma, literally. I don't know why. I'm an old lady in a young person's body.
Anyways so today was the first day of the last week of school for the rest of my life, cue dramatic suspenseful music. Ha. Spent the day mostly in maths - had double double maths (just one of the perks of doing 4unit.) Then at lunch, my group had a picnic but indoors cause the weather wasn't that good. Junk food galore, arghhh but so yum. After lunch, I had history and we watched a film on the Vietnam War - so sad. At english we watched Everything Is Illuminated, i love films like these.
Note to self : Don't wear white when you have your period. It never ends well - seriously.
Despite that, twas an interesting day.


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Sunday, September 16, 2012


 Sunday night blogging. woop. September 16 2012

My weekend.

Saturday: Great day.
I had tutor in the morning, when I was leaving my tutoring place I ran into my wonderful friend Sam. Last time I saw her was exactly one year ago. We were tutor buddies. Last year everyone one left out tutor and it was only us two left - I loved tutoring with her. When it came to year 12, I had told her about my new tutor but didn't know she ended up going. It was so good to see her.
I later had lunch and went shopping. Now truth be told, I hadn't gone proper shopping for a good couple of months. I bought loads of stuff. I got a new coat rack for $25 (still in the process of setting it up), new underwear and bras (ladys of Australia, kmart bras are $7 and good quality too, I think I heard beauty youtuber Shaaanxo say this as well), a weekly chore pad from Kikki.K which I'm using as a study checklist, a peter pan collared floral top - sahh cute. Thats all I can remember off the top of my head. By now it was late afternoon and nearing dinner time, my family and I tried a new Malaysian restaurant and omg the food was so amazing.

Sunday: usual day.
Tutor yet again. Then had pizza for lunch (I know so bad but so yummy). Then met up with girl bestie for study sess, she's cool. Then went home and did nothing. I just drew up the design for my history teacher's thank you card.

No photo today. Trying something new!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

save the world

source: bostock image from the Kitchn
Friday the 14th. (feels like a diary entry)

Today was a complete bludge for me at school. Heading in before school, the whole grade was in the hall trying to work out our Year 12 Muck Up Assembly routine, everyone was meant to be there at 8:15 prompt. I got there at 8:40, whoops. Following some friends, I tagged along hoping to just pick up the steps as we went along.

In first period, art, we had a morning tea/breakfast party. The teachers brought in tea and bostock pastry (she made it, it was so nice). We also got them gifts and signed a card.
In second period, we went to the hall to rehearse. We went over dance moves, learnt lyrics, got into costume and got glow sticks.

Third period: assembly (show time) The theme for the assembly was Save the World: cause you know 2012 world will end blahh. My awesome friend Steph, (legit animation maniac) drew up a design and we got them printed on white shirts. I'll insert a picture later on cause my friend stole my top.
The assembly was a success and we managed to pull it off. Wearing our year 12 shirts and capes and super hero eye masks (courtesy of Rebecca), I honestly had so much fun.

Fourth&Fifth period: Two of the english glasses had parties. One in particular had a dance party, blasting up Gangnam Style by Psy, everyone literally was dancing to it. Fun Fun!

Then I finished at lunch time again so I went home. Yay weekend time!! Hope all is well.


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

thursday the 13th

 yay for iphone shots

So I've been told I don't blog enough. I do blog, just not on a daily basis. So I thought I'd blog about my day. Today is Thursday the 13th of September 2012. My current favourite song is Lost by Frank Ocean. Today I had two double period of classes. One double of art and one double of history. I got to finish at lunch time. I had a salad bowl from the canteen for $4. I left school and met up with my guy best friend and one of my really close and absolutely amazing friends. We had lunch at some Japanese restaurant in the city. I didn't get anything cause I had eaten, so I just got a cup of coffee. We got dessert - black sesame ice-cream (my absolute favourite ice-cream flavour - I could eat it forever). Then I went shopping and bought this really nice dark teal top for five dollarmollars. It's really for the summer, cause its really flowy and the material is really soft - can't wait to wear it. So... that was basically my day. Hope you had a good one too.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


There is exactly 7 days left of high school for me. I'm graduating on the 20th of September 2012. I'm graduating. I'm finishing high school and yet no matter how many times I tell myself that, I still can't fully comprehend that this is the end. At school today, we rang a school tradition down - dressing up as a junior and wearing tunics. For me, today was the first and the last time I (had) ever worn a tunic. I was not a junior at my school, but actually a senior when I first arrived - so I managed to skip the awful tunic period. Despite that, the experience was strange on a number of levels - feeling like a kid with no responsibilities is so much fun.

Today my english class held a party to celebrate the end and also to farewell our retiring teacher. She was flourished with gifts and her reactions to them were exquisite. She began telling us stories of her time at the school. She told one in particular which I enjoyed. So back in the day, the school had a pet day, where all the students brought in their pets. There were snakes, dogs, chooks and a pony. They all ran loose and teachers had to go chase after them - the thought of that is just hilarious.

In art class today, we decided to hide in the side room with the lights off. When my teacher walked into the classroom she exclaimed, "Where's my class?" We giggled as we sat in the dark. She went off to look for us and when she did we all ran back in and sat down as if nothing had happened. It was pure gold!

It's memories like these that I will take with me forever. The countdown begins. Thirteen years has passed from that first day at school. Thirteen unbelievably amazing years.


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

save my dreams

cashmere wool sweater (grandma's) - $0
white blouse (mum's) - $0
 red jeans (Ses) - $15
silver snake flats (K-mart) - $10  


So this outfit was from a couple of weeks ago and I wore it to Emily's 18th. As the saying goes Spring has sprung and winter pieces are beginning to transition into summer pieces. The last time I wore the cashmere sweater was over a year ago as seen here. In that photo I still had my fringe, which I kind of miss now. It's taken me 8 months to grow out so I don't know if I want to go back to fringe-ville, but we'll see.

Today I dropped off my art major at the marking centre - scary. After 9 long months, it's finally done. I'll probably blog about my whole artwork and its conceptual meaning sometime in the future when I get the time.

Funny fact: Usually when I take shots for my outfits, there are I guess you could call photo-outtakes and sometimes I send the ridiculously funny ones to my bffs for a good laugh. They love them.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012


white blouse (mum's) - $0
blue jeans (Cocolatte) - $20
authentic leather bag (Le Pelican) - mum's - $0 
black floral cardigan (grandma's) - $0 
  silver snake flats (K-mart) - $10 
Today's outfit. Basically this outfit but with the cardigan. I love this cardi, the floral print is amazing. I also wanted to try something new by changing the location, I totally had no idea the camera wasn't focused in the first picture but I like the photo (also I look kinda evil in that one - I don't know, like I'm up to something). My relatives came over for hot pot tonight and my grandma just cracked up laughing at my cardigan. Love her!

It was funny cause when I put this outfit on this morning I was like 'heyy I really do look like a grandma today'. My mother reckons I was born into the wrong era - I'm an oldie stuck in a seventeen year olds body. This was confirmed when I got to Central station this morning and there was a tutoring company handing pamphlets out to kids who looked like year 12s. They totally didn't think I was in year 12 and just passed me. LOL

Anyways so today I headed to the University of New South Wales for their Open Day. It was quite interesting. I ran into lots of people (again) but this time attended three lectures - architecture, law and psychology. The weather was good but it was just so unbelievably windy.

Also I'm currently loving & listening to : Silhouettes by Avicii (it just gets your head bobbing and makes you wanna dance)

Hope all's well


p.s. just to clarify: the brown mark on my left hand isn't a birthmark, my friend, Vee, decided to draw a leaf with henna on me the other day (y).

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