Wednesday, September 19, 2012

muck up day

 September 18th 2012 - The last official day of school.

Yesterday was my last day at school and as the day progressed the little 'last' things just accumulated. First it was the last school bus in the morning, the last english lesson, maths lesson, art lesson and history lesson. Then there was the last lunch at school. And then the last school bus in the arvo. The lasts of the last. I was pretty bummed yesterday. Everything's coming to an end.

September 19th 2012 - woahh big day.

I'm so dead tired right now, I'm tired as I type. So today was the muck up cray-cray day at schoolio. I started the day off by crawling out of bed at 6am and then missing my 6:24 train to school. Got to school and we were having the Year 12 Breakfast - a tradition. At the Breakfast we got our yearbooks, breakkie and my friends got their year 7 letters.

Then it was muck up time. My group decided to all go as mimes. Side note: I spent all night last night making the white face paint. 1 part Cold Cream/(I used Sorbolene Cream and then freaked out that it wouldnt work) and 2 parts baby powder or corn starch. It makes your skin really smooth so today it felt like I had a facial. Anyways so, we all got ready in one of the classrooms. Now here's the downside, we took way too long to get ready that we missed out on the big year group muck up photo, which sucks but at the the same time we felt that the most important thing was that we got photos together - these were the memories that counted.

After muck up our year headed over to Coogee Beach. The weather was breath-taking. It was such a beautiful day. So the majority of us that left the face paint on decided to make a little photo series known as "Mime Adventures". Basically consisting of mimes in act, partaking in day to day activities. It was so funny to photograph, I just laughed so much but at the same time had to try and keep a straight face.

 This one is my favourite. This little toddler thought we looked cool and came over.
Then he came and blessed us each with handfuls of sand. Adorable.

We got cleaned up and headed into the city for some lunch - by now it was nearly 2 and I was starving. We hit up a Thai restaurant and I shared a green curry with Mandy. It was so nice. We later went shopping - formal dresses etc. Fun Fun!

I had an amazing day. I was literally just smiling the whole time. It's one of those days that you'll never forget. Thank you so much to everyone. Thank you for the memories and for the good times! I'm gonna miss you all so much.
Love you all!!

Graduation tomorrow, here we go... :(


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