Tuesday, September 11, 2012


There is exactly 7 days left of high school for me. I'm graduating on the 20th of September 2012. I'm graduating. I'm finishing high school and yet no matter how many times I tell myself that, I still can't fully comprehend that this is the end. At school today, we rang a school tradition down - dressing up as a junior and wearing tunics. For me, today was the first and the last time I (had) ever worn a tunic. I was not a junior at my school, but actually a senior when I first arrived - so I managed to skip the awful tunic period. Despite that, the experience was strange on a number of levels - feeling like a kid with no responsibilities is so much fun.

Today my english class held a party to celebrate the end and also to farewell our retiring teacher. She was flourished with gifts and her reactions to them were exquisite. She began telling us stories of her time at the school. She told one in particular which I enjoyed. So back in the day, the school had a pet day, where all the students brought in their pets. There were snakes, dogs, chooks and a pony. They all ran loose and teachers had to go chase after them - the thought of that is just hilarious.

In art class today, we decided to hide in the side room with the lights off. When my teacher walked into the classroom she exclaimed, "Where's my class?" We giggled as we sat in the dark. She went off to look for us and when she did we all ran back in and sat down as if nothing had happened. It was pure gold!

It's memories like these that I will take with me forever. The countdown begins. Thirteen years has passed from that first day at school. Thirteen unbelievably amazing years.


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