Tuesday, September 4, 2012

save my dreams

cashmere wool sweater (grandma's) - $0
white blouse (mum's) - $0
 red jeans (Ses) - $15
silver snake flats (K-mart) - $10  


So this outfit was from a couple of weeks ago and I wore it to Emily's 18th. As the saying goes Spring has sprung and winter pieces are beginning to transition into summer pieces. The last time I wore the cashmere sweater was over a year ago as seen here. In that photo I still had my fringe, which I kind of miss now. It's taken me 8 months to grow out so I don't know if I want to go back to fringe-ville, but we'll see.

Today I dropped off my art major at the marking centre - scary. After 9 long months, it's finally done. I'll probably blog about my whole artwork and its conceptual meaning sometime in the future when I get the time.

Funny fact: Usually when I take shots for my outfits, there are I guess you could call photo-outtakes and sometimes I send the ridiculously funny ones to my bffs for a good laugh. They love them.

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