Friday, September 14, 2012

save the world

source: bostock image from the Kitchn
Friday the 14th. (feels like a diary entry)

Today was a complete bludge for me at school. Heading in before school, the whole grade was in the hall trying to work out our Year 12 Muck Up Assembly routine, everyone was meant to be there at 8:15 prompt. I got there at 8:40, whoops. Following some friends, I tagged along hoping to just pick up the steps as we went along.

In first period, art, we had a morning tea/breakfast party. The teachers brought in tea and bostock pastry (she made it, it was so nice). We also got them gifts and signed a card.
In second period, we went to the hall to rehearse. We went over dance moves, learnt lyrics, got into costume and got glow sticks.

Third period: assembly (show time) The theme for the assembly was Save the World: cause you know 2012 world will end blahh. My awesome friend Steph, (legit animation maniac) drew up a design and we got them printed on white shirts. I'll insert a picture later on cause my friend stole my top.
The assembly was a success and we managed to pull it off. Wearing our year 12 shirts and capes and super hero eye masks (courtesy of Rebecca), I honestly had so much fun.

Fourth&Fifth period: Two of the english glasses had parties. One in particular had a dance party, blasting up Gangnam Style by Psy, everyone literally was dancing to it. Fun Fun!

Then I finished at lunch time again so I went home. Yay weekend time!! Hope all is well.


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