Saturday, September 1, 2012


white blouse (mum's) - $0
blue jeans (Cocolatte) - $20
authentic leather bag (Le Pelican) - mum's - $0 
black floral cardigan (grandma's) - $0 
  silver snake flats (K-mart) - $10 
Today's outfit. Basically this outfit but with the cardigan. I love this cardi, the floral print is amazing. I also wanted to try something new by changing the location, I totally had no idea the camera wasn't focused in the first picture but I like the photo (also I look kinda evil in that one - I don't know, like I'm up to something). My relatives came over for hot pot tonight and my grandma just cracked up laughing at my cardigan. Love her!

It was funny cause when I put this outfit on this morning I was like 'heyy I really do look like a grandma today'. My mother reckons I was born into the wrong era - I'm an oldie stuck in a seventeen year olds body. This was confirmed when I got to Central station this morning and there was a tutoring company handing pamphlets out to kids who looked like year 12s. They totally didn't think I was in year 12 and just passed me. LOL

Anyways so today I headed to the University of New South Wales for their Open Day. It was quite interesting. I ran into lots of people (again) but this time attended three lectures - architecture, law and psychology. The weather was good but it was just so unbelievably windy.

Also I'm currently loving & listening to : Silhouettes by Avicii (it just gets your head bobbing and makes you wanna dance)

Hope all's well


p.s. just to clarify: the brown mark on my left hand isn't a birthmark, my friend, Vee, decided to draw a leaf with henna on me the other day (y).

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