Sunday, September 23, 2012

take a walk

peter pan collared sheer floral top (Kmart) - $15 
black singlet (Supre) - $5
red jeans (Ses) - $15
thongs (Kmart) - $2 
cardigan (Yessica) - $10
Today's outfit - weeeeee!

I want to talk about something pretty personal. So here we go.

My weight. Currently I am unhappy with my weight, emotionally and physically I feel unsatisfied. I blame the HSC. I have gained x amount of weight in the last 9 months all due to the fact that I have been sitting basically everyday for the past 9 months - studying. Its preposterous the impact the hsc can have on people.

I've always been a chubby wubby. From a baby, my mum tells me stories of how I was so chubby that I had fat rolls in places you can't even imagine. As I grew up, my height manage to even out most of my weight and I maintained a healthy BMI and weight for about 4 years, until now. And the thing is, you know your fat when you put on a pair of pants that were once unbelievably loose, but now fit your perfectly. What the flip.

I tell myself to lose the weight, but I just can't get myself into the routine of exercising regularly. I recently found and fell in love with popilates/blogilates, all due to my lovely friend Molly. It's intense and I did it for about two weeks. My whole body ached. I had muscles aching in places I never even knew I had muscles. But I felt so happy with myself afterwards. Every time I walked up stairs and my legs ached, I was slightly satisfied that I had worked hard.

Summer's coming and so is formal, so I really gotta lose this dead study weight. This made me feel a little better. But still, ariuf;dbskjcniwubksdinf My friend told me her plan is hitting the gym everyday of the holidays for 2 hours - fitness first is free for teens in the holidays. My plan - popilates!!!!

I feel that putting this on here, will make me feel like I should do something about this. The whole world will now know and because thats in the back of my mind, it'll hopefully motivate me, cause you know everyone's watching.....

I hate you, HSC. Literally and utterly hate you.

nyways, currently listening & loving: Take A Walk - Passion Pit


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