Sunday, September 16, 2012


 Sunday night blogging. woop. September 16 2012

My weekend.

Saturday: Great day.
I had tutor in the morning, when I was leaving my tutoring place I ran into my wonderful friend Sam. Last time I saw her was exactly one year ago. We were tutor buddies. Last year everyone one left out tutor and it was only us two left - I loved tutoring with her. When it came to year 12, I had told her about my new tutor but didn't know she ended up going. It was so good to see her.
I later had lunch and went shopping. Now truth be told, I hadn't gone proper shopping for a good couple of months. I bought loads of stuff. I got a new coat rack for $25 (still in the process of setting it up), new underwear and bras (ladys of Australia, kmart bras are $7 and good quality too, I think I heard beauty youtuber Shaaanxo say this as well), a weekly chore pad from Kikki.K which I'm using as a study checklist, a peter pan collared floral top - sahh cute. Thats all I can remember off the top of my head. By now it was late afternoon and nearing dinner time, my family and I tried a new Malaysian restaurant and omg the food was so amazing.

Sunday: usual day.
Tutor yet again. Then had pizza for lunch (I know so bad but so yummy). Then met up with girl bestie for study sess, she's cool. Then went home and did nothing. I just drew up the design for my history teacher's thank you card.

No photo today. Trying something new!

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