Wednesday, October 31, 2012

begin again

teal sleeveless shirt dress  (Paddy's Market) - $25
navy polka dotted skirt (grandma's) - $0  
brown belt (Jay Jays) - $7.50

Boo! Spook yah? Happy Halloween!

Today I took a trip to the library. With today's outfit, the main focus is the skirt - it's grandma's. She called me over the other day to check out some of the clothes she was chucking out and I found this beautiful pleated polka dotted skirt. It's unbelievable - I love it! Also I'm not wearing shoes cause... I felt lazy.

November's tomorrow - how on earth is it flipping november already?! I just realised I have like party after party in November so it's gonna be an exciting month - be expecting some more blogging.

The last photo was an experiment, I was playing around on photoshop and felt like mixing it up.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ease my mind

Hey hi hello, gday? (I'm Australian and I have never said 'gday' to anyone when I greet them...)

So currently I am freeeeeeeee. LOL jokes. I still have one more exam. I have art on the last day and once that is over I WILL LEGIT BE FREEEE. Yesterday I had my history exam, it was not too bad. The questions were alright, but I was expecting the worst before going in. Three hours of non-stop writing, I think my hand just died at the end of it. Like last night I had to write something and my hand was just like ... dead.

Last night I celebrated my end of "most" of my exams by watching a little movie. I watched Ruby Sparks. It was the most beautiful film about the magic of love. Paul Dano is such a great actor, I remember watching him in Little Miss Sunshine (favourite movie). Defs recommend Ruby Sparks - it was just.. magical.

Today is Tuesday and were already at the end of October - how is that possible, I whole year just flew by like I still remember on nye thinking my god this is gonna be one hell of a year. And now.. now were in October and November is in two days.. It's literally mind-blowing.

I also picked up a number of new clothing items for summer so I'm uber (who still says that?) excited. Floral summer dresses paired with sunnies and a bag - you're good to go. I'm kinda hoping I dress more... girly this summer. Like last summer was really simple - shorts and a top. This year I really want to just wear dresses and skirts. Maybe its just the weather right now that's making me want to wear skirts and dresses but I can't wait to get some outfit posts up soon. Weeeeee!

I have a to-do list for today such as clean up room, chuck out notes, return emails. It's a pretty long list. Better get on with it then..

Hope you're well


currently listening and loving : Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fitness routine

How's everyone?

So I'd thought I'd update you with my exercise/losing weight plan thing.

So with the exercising, I've kept consistently exercising everyday and it's kind of interesting how much you learn about your body and how you mentally cope with such a strenuous activity - considering I never use to exercise. I, legit, could not stand working out. So when I had to get into it, it was really hard.

I learnt that cardio needs to become your best friend. But the thing is, I hate cardio. Cardio, or Cardiovascular exercise simply means that you're involved in an activity that raises your heart rate to a level where you're working (from I hate the feeling of my heart pounding, sweating, being out of breath and thirsty and being tired. But without cardio the fat stays on.

I've started running, I hate it. My dad made me run around the block a couple a times, the day before exams especially, so that I'd get really tired and sleep better (I have trouble sleeping before exams, anxiety and panic rolled in one monster at 10:30pm). When I'm running, I feel like I'm dying, its horrific. I start to think, "why am I doing this, I hate running, fat is fun, I don't need to lose this weight" then I snap back to reality and face the facts. Life sucks, in the fact that you have to 'conform' to 'belong' - especially when it comes to how you look. Apart from that, I also really want to try Zombies, Run! an app where you put your headphones in and basically zombies chase you and you run for your life LOL  (more info here) Sounds so fun!

Apart from running, I've also been getting my cardio from Blogilates' Pop Cardio video "Gangnam Style Dance". It's currently my favourite workout cause if you do it like 4-5 times BAM cardio down for the day. It's actually so silly and so much fun. Defs recommend.

Uhm what else, apart from that I've just been toning my muscles. I do the 100 Workout as a warm up then the Drive By Inner Thighs, then I choose one more video depending on what I want to work on - triceps, arms, legs, abs, booty or muffin tops (eek!). At this moment, this very moment, my calves are still hurting from another cardio video I did yesterday.

Anyways so that's what I'm doing in terms of fitness, I've never actually exercised so much - consistently - in so long. Though, I use to be quite the swimmer but haven't had the time since. I really want to get back into that after HSC. When I get my p's, gonna start making more trips to the pool.

Uhm thats about it, hope you're well and healthy.


p.s. mum and dad went fish.. shopping the other day LOL we got 4 little new fishies - so cute. We put them in a long rectangular vase cause you know, who still uses the classic round fish bowl lol jokes. yah bye!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

ho hey

Wherrrrre have youuu been? All my li-i-i-ifeeeee. No I'm not gonna do a Rihanna rendition, but I am going to tell you where I have been currently and lately.

So last week I started my HSC. English was first up with two exams one on Monday and one on Wednesday. Paper One (Monday) was a state-wide exam on 'belonging' - a word I never want to hear ever again. Paper Two (Wed) was a three-sectioned exam with three essays - 40mins each. For Paper two, I was halfway through my second essay and blanked out and so I was like well what am I gonna do, can't just sit here and wait till my brain decides to function again.... so I went back to section one, cause I ran out of time for that one. But while going back after a couple of lines I remembered my quotes and boom! back in the game we go.

I also use this particular pen that's super inky. And I had an ink explosion during the exam. Which may somewhat be an exaggeration but all of a sudden I noticed my hands were covered in black splotchy ink. But what do you do in a situation like this, you keep writing is what you do. No time to stop, buddy!

So where am I now? Well I have 4 more exams to go, Maths is on Monday and Wednesday, so prepping for that now. Uhmmmm, history is the following Monday and then on the last day I have art.

Let's do this!


Sunday, October 7, 2012


blue&white patterned dress (Factorie) - $10
denim skirt (Cotton On) - $10
white lace button down (mum's) - $0
thongs - $2

I love this outfit, its got spring and summer written all over it. The dress has been tucked in as a top, highlighting the number of ways you can transform what you've already got. 

Yesterday, was my best friend's 18th birthday - I keep saying it again and again but I'm just so proud of her. We went out to dinner with a whole bunch of friends and I managed to catch up with a number of them. To clarify, I've been off the social world for a year now - no facebook or msn (if people still use that i dont know), so I'm kind of the anti-social hermit. But yeah, seeing everyone was great. It really made me realise how much everyone's grown from when we were all still at the same school. One of my friends in particular, hands down two years ago he was the biggest bludger, no joke. Now he tells me he wants to do pharmacy and is acing chemistry and biology, its just amazing how far everyone has come.

Anyways wish me luck, one week from this moment (Sunday night next week) I'm gonna be freaking out about my exams - they start next week. Golly.

Currently listening&loving: Islands by Young the Giant (acoustic version) - favourite band ever!!


Friday, October 5, 2012

come back

floral skirt (Cotton On) - $10
 teal sleeveless shirt dress  (Paddy's Market) - $25 
gladiators - $10

Today's outfit. Library day yet again, ran into lots of friends and did maths. It was pretty hot today, 33 degrees, so this floral skirt was perfect for the weather. It's got the whole floral, spring, bubbly vibe to it which is pretty fancy schmancy. 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

pursuit of happiness

coral pink dress (Cotton On) - $20
black belt (Jay Jays) - $7.50
cardigan (Yessica) - $10
gladiators - $10

Today's outfit. I haven't worn this dress in over 3 years, but the spring weather was just amazing, so I decided to whip it out. There's something really odd about this dress, I don't know what it is. I'm also not wearing my shoes because I felt weird in them by 4:30 in the afternoon, so off they went.

My week so far:

- I ran into a friend whom I hadn't seen in two years and... it was just really good to see him. He's changed so much - matured up and all. It's good.
- went to the dentist today, says I can get my braces off in late January? I don't know, don't really care anymore to be honest, I'm not one of those people who are over-excitedly-waiting-to-get-them-off so, meh its no hurry for me.
- studying is boring me so much. Though, I did do english today so.. that's good I guess.
- currently listening & loving Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi
- 30degrees tommorrow.... wooahhh
- its not time to say goodbye yet, just not yet 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012



'The current perception of North Korea is dominated by politics, doing more for the regime than for the people. I am going to SHIFT public perception and support media that helps make the stories of the North Korean people known to the world. North Korea should be defined by the people, not the politics. '

Share it.


Monday, October 1, 2012

two weeks

So today marks exactly two weeks until I sit my first exam, I'm freaking out. I feel so lazy and I know I should be working my butt off. I'm so sick of studying. argfihdjskbv idlhwbw

So whats been happening in gracie's world this past week:
  • lost 3 kilos from last week - been walking everyday, with blogilates on the side :), i weighed myself on friday and the minute I saw the needle point 3 places to the left of my "i really need to lose weight" weight, I squealed lol. my mum was like, "are you sure you're reading it right?" I immediately texted and emailed my besties and also mandyyyy cause she's popilaty-ing too.
  • had tutor on the weekends, he's started counting down.. 3 weeks to go for maths - oh dear
  • moon festival was yesterday - went over to the g'rents to celebrate with a big feast and moon cake
  • got a haircut today: got it thinned, just touching up
  • watched new girl - i love zooey deschannel 
  • made a tank top for summmmer
  • been watching a lot of ellen videos lol
  • been watching trailers for movies. oh my god, last night I couldn't stop watching them one after the other - hangs head in shame
  • had a dream I was in an episodes of criminal mind
  • currently listening & loving: Diamonds - Rihanna, Bom Bom - Sam and the Womp, Die Young - Ke$ha
  • its gonna be hot this week 30 degrees on thursday?, weee summer's coming