Wednesday, October 31, 2012

begin again

teal sleeveless shirt dress  (Paddy's Market) - $25
navy polka dotted skirt (grandma's) - $0  
brown belt (Jay Jays) - $7.50

Boo! Spook yah? Happy Halloween!

Today I took a trip to the library. With today's outfit, the main focus is the skirt - it's grandma's. She called me over the other day to check out some of the clothes she was chucking out and I found this beautiful pleated polka dotted skirt. It's unbelievable - I love it! Also I'm not wearing shoes cause... I felt lazy.

November's tomorrow - how on earth is it flipping november already?! I just realised I have like party after party in November so it's gonna be an exciting month - be expecting some more blogging.

The last photo was an experiment, I was playing around on photoshop and felt like mixing it up.