Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ease my mind

Hey hi hello, gday? (I'm Australian and I have never said 'gday' to anyone when I greet them...)

So currently I am freeeeeeeee. LOL jokes. I still have one more exam. I have art on the last day and once that is over I WILL LEGIT BE FREEEE. Yesterday I had my history exam, it was not too bad. The questions were alright, but I was expecting the worst before going in. Three hours of non-stop writing, I think my hand just died at the end of it. Like last night I had to write something and my hand was just like ... dead.

Last night I celebrated my end of "most" of my exams by watching a little movie. I watched Ruby Sparks. It was the most beautiful film about the magic of love. Paul Dano is such a great actor, I remember watching him in Little Miss Sunshine (favourite movie). Defs recommend Ruby Sparks - it was just.. magical.

Today is Tuesday and were already at the end of October - how is that possible, I whole year just flew by like I still remember on nye thinking my god this is gonna be one hell of a year. And now.. now were in October and November is in two days.. It's literally mind-blowing.

I also picked up a number of new clothing items for summer so I'm uber (who still says that?) excited. Floral summer dresses paired with sunnies and a bag - you're good to go. I'm kinda hoping I dress more... girly this summer. Like last summer was really simple - shorts and a top. This year I really want to just wear dresses and skirts. Maybe its just the weather right now that's making me want to wear skirts and dresses but I can't wait to get some outfit posts up soon. Weeeeee!

I have a to-do list for today such as clean up room, chuck out notes, return emails. It's a pretty long list. Better get on with it then..

Hope you're well


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