Wednesday, October 24, 2012

fitness routine

How's everyone?

So I'd thought I'd update you with my exercise/losing weight plan thing.

So with the exercising, I've kept consistently exercising everyday and it's kind of interesting how much you learn about your body and how you mentally cope with such a strenuous activity - considering I never use to exercise. I, legit, could not stand working out. So when I had to get into it, it was really hard.

I learnt that cardio needs to become your best friend. But the thing is, I hate cardio. Cardio, or Cardiovascular exercise simply means that you're involved in an activity that raises your heart rate to a level where you're working (from I hate the feeling of my heart pounding, sweating, being out of breath and thirsty and being tired. But without cardio the fat stays on.

I've started running, I hate it. My dad made me run around the block a couple a times, the day before exams especially, so that I'd get really tired and sleep better (I have trouble sleeping before exams, anxiety and panic rolled in one monster at 10:30pm). When I'm running, I feel like I'm dying, its horrific. I start to think, "why am I doing this, I hate running, fat is fun, I don't need to lose this weight" then I snap back to reality and face the facts. Life sucks, in the fact that you have to 'conform' to 'belong' - especially when it comes to how you look. Apart from that, I also really want to try Zombies, Run! an app where you put your headphones in and basically zombies chase you and you run for your life LOL  (more info here) Sounds so fun!

Apart from running, I've also been getting my cardio from Blogilates' Pop Cardio video "Gangnam Style Dance". It's currently my favourite workout cause if you do it like 4-5 times BAM cardio down for the day. It's actually so silly and so much fun. Defs recommend.

Uhm what else, apart from that I've just been toning my muscles. I do the 100 Workout as a warm up then the Drive By Inner Thighs, then I choose one more video depending on what I want to work on - triceps, arms, legs, abs, booty or muffin tops (eek!). At this moment, this very moment, my calves are still hurting from another cardio video I did yesterday.

Anyways so that's what I'm doing in terms of fitness, I've never actually exercised so much - consistently - in so long. Though, I use to be quite the swimmer but haven't had the time since. I really want to get back into that after HSC. When I get my p's, gonna start making more trips to the pool.

Uhm thats about it, hope you're well and healthy.


p.s. mum and dad went fish.. shopping the other day LOL we got 4 little new fishies - so cute. We put them in a long rectangular vase cause you know, who still uses the classic round fish bowl lol jokes. yah bye!