Sunday, October 21, 2012

ho hey

Wherrrrre have youuu been? All my li-i-i-ifeeeee. No I'm not gonna do a Rihanna rendition, but I am going to tell you where I have been currently and lately.

So last week I started my HSC. English was first up with two exams one on Monday and one on Wednesday. Paper One (Monday) was a state-wide exam on 'belonging' - a word I never want to hear ever again. Paper Two (Wed) was a three-sectioned exam with three essays - 40mins each. For Paper two, I was halfway through my second essay and blanked out and so I was like well what am I gonna do, can't just sit here and wait till my brain decides to function again.... so I went back to section one, cause I ran out of time for that one. But while going back after a couple of lines I remembered my quotes and boom! back in the game we go.

I also use this particular pen that's super inky. And I had an ink explosion during the exam. Which may somewhat be an exaggeration but all of a sudden I noticed my hands were covered in black splotchy ink. But what do you do in a situation like this, you keep writing is what you do. No time to stop, buddy!

So where am I now? Well I have 4 more exams to go, Maths is on Monday and Wednesday, so prepping for that now. Uhmmmm, history is the following Monday and then on the last day I have art.

Let's do this!