Sunday, October 7, 2012


blue&white patterned dress (Factorie) - $10
denim skirt (Cotton On) - $10
white lace button down (mum's) - $0
thongs - $2

I love this outfit, its got spring and summer written all over it. The dress has been tucked in as a top, highlighting the number of ways you can transform what you've already got. 

Yesterday, was my best friend's 18th birthday - I keep saying it again and again but I'm just so proud of her. We went out to dinner with a whole bunch of friends and I managed to catch up with a number of them. To clarify, I've been off the social world for a year now - no facebook or msn (if people still use that i dont know), so I'm kind of the anti-social hermit. But yeah, seeing everyone was great. It really made me realise how much everyone's grown from when we were all still at the same school. One of my friends in particular, hands down two years ago he was the biggest bludger, no joke. Now he tells me he wants to do pharmacy and is acing chemistry and biology, its just amazing how far everyone has come.

Anyways wish me luck, one week from this moment (Sunday night next week) I'm gonna be freaking out about my exams - they start next week. Golly.

Currently listening&loving: Islands by Young the Giant (acoustic version) - favourite band ever!!