Monday, October 1, 2012

two weeks

So today marks exactly two weeks until I sit my first exam, I'm freaking out. I feel so lazy and I know I should be working my butt off. I'm so sick of studying. argfihdjskbv idlhwbw

So whats been happening in gracie's world this past week:
  • lost 3 kilos from last week - been walking everyday, with blogilates on the side :), i weighed myself on friday and the minute I saw the needle point 3 places to the left of my "i really need to lose weight" weight, I squealed lol. my mum was like, "are you sure you're reading it right?" I immediately texted and emailed my besties and also mandyyyy cause she's popilaty-ing too.
  • had tutor on the weekends, he's started counting down.. 3 weeks to go for maths - oh dear
  • moon festival was yesterday - went over to the g'rents to celebrate with a big feast and moon cake
  • got a haircut today: got it thinned, just touching up
  • watched new girl - i love zooey deschannel 
  • made a tank top for summmmer
  • been watching a lot of ellen videos lol
  • been watching trailers for movies. oh my god, last night I couldn't stop watching them one after the other - hangs head in shame
  • had a dream I was in an episodes of criminal mind
  • currently listening & loving: Diamonds - Rihanna, Bom Bom - Sam and the Womp, Die Young - Ke$ha
  • its gonna be hot this week 30 degrees on thursday?, weee summer's coming