Thursday, November 29, 2012

beach house

So alas I appear once again on the blog world. Its been more than a week and my absence has good reasoning. For the past week I haven't been feeling the best and so I didn't want my dodgy mood to be reflect on this platform. But alas, its all okay now so nothing to worry about.

Yesterday I drove up north to The Entrance to visit some friends staying at this beach house. It was a pretty sweet place, three storeys high, jacuzzi on the top, beach right out side. Playing card games and Scattegories (new fav game man!), chilling and swimming, it was pretty fun.

I ended up staying the night, but I didn't have anything on me. No pjs, toiletries, towels... only my bathers and what I was wearing. I only got three hours of sleep which was really annoying. Like I'm so picky when it comes to sleep, I need no light no sound - so I usually have an eye mask and ear plugs. Didn't have that last night and the boys were snoring so... I just like lay in bed pondering in the endless morning hours... ugh.

On another note, yesterday was probably one of the first time in a long time that I stepped out in a bikini. This post was probably the day I realised I really got to do something about my weight - my heaviest point ever. This post was the one that followed and this was when I said I'd really get into my popilates, strangely one of my popular posts. And this one was my fitness routine. So its been about a bit over two months now and have lost 5 kilograms all up. Stepping out in a bikini is one of those things that can be really daunting, esp if your body conscious, so yesterday was a really strange experience. I haven't reached perfect bikini body yet, but it's only good news and more hard work from here on in, cause I can't wait to chill at the beach, this summer. Adding onto my exercise, funniest thing, I did blogilates infront of my mates this morning before breakkie and it was just hilarious.

And from that , moving onto my next point, my best friends were telling me how I really have no shame. And with that I recently realised (wise gracie comes in) that as long as your content with your life, you should just do what makes you happy and not care what everyone else thinks - even if it means popilates in awkward positions infront of your mates. But I think to get to that point of contentment, it takes so much courage and confidence and sometimes it just takes time. For me, well I'm probably one of the silliest people you will ever meet, I am nearly always a fool in public and am always embarrassing myself. But well whatever, who cares, there are more important things to worry about.

Anyways so that was a really long post, thanks for reading so far... hahas uhm as for my photos. The last one was a shameless selfie when no one was in the room - yes guilty as charged, I am a selfie-er.

Staying strong,


Thursday, November 22, 2012

diy: Watercolour Birthday Card

So here it comes, the first DIY post in over golly knows how long. Personally I find diys the most work to put together in blog post form compared to outfit posts (which including shooting time is probably only takes just over an hour or half an hour if I'm quick). But moving on, today I present to you the watercolour birthday card/or just watercolour card in general. This card was made back in October, on a lazy Saturday afternoon for one of my best friends. 

Let's get to it!

You will need:
- a plastic plate
- paintbrush
- cardstock (preferably watercolour paper, but cardstock works the same)
- alphabet stamp set (from Kikki.K, was a gift - thanks Michelle) [optional]
- watercolour paint (in the colours you choose)
- a spray bottle
- an empty icecream tub

Step 1:

Getting some of the paint on the plate, swerve the brush - twisting and turning it for an intuitive effect. There's really no perfect way to do this so go crazy with it.

Step 2:

So my tub originally had some water in it, you don't need water in it. 
Placing the card in, get your spray bottle and SPRAY!
Watch as the paint glides over the card in all directions.

Step 3:

So I kinda realised I edited the photos in a strange order but let me try and explain the steps.
So get out your stamp set (remember this is optional and can be done by hand). Get some
black watercolour paint and stamp away! If your using this method of watercolour cards and its not for a birthday, feel free to moderate these steps in what ever manner pleases you.

Step 4:

So here the strange and embarrassing bit. I wanted to jazz it up with an ice-cream at the top. It didn't turn out to my expectations so I decided to cut it off. But the tip of the cone was left, so I went around each side and made triangles - phew~

 And done!

Hope you enjoyed this easy diy, if you have any questions feel free to pop them in the comments section.

Have a great day!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

that's what's up

tshirt (Cotton On) - $5
black maxi (Impulse) - $22
 black thongs (Rubi) - $2
sunnies - $5

As the weather warms, my adrenaline pumps faster as I gear up for another heated summer. Today my family and I took a little trip to Ikea, just for fun. I love Ikea, its one of those places where I seem to always lose myself in. I love that my mind flows from room setting to room setting, in awe of the different atmospheres of each. I'm planning to renovate my room. We're changing carpet to floor boards and shifting around furniture. Despite that, I didn't end up getting anything major.
Though I did buy some random bits and bobs. 

A Lack side table -  $10

 An Irma throw - $4
Pyssla beads - $10 (I really don't know what to say)

SNÖVITA Gift wrap roll - $2
Images from
Yep... random alright.

I'm beginning to wonder what I am doing with my life. Oh golly.

Anyways moving on, I have two diys up my sleeve so hopefully they'll be up by the end of the week. I also still need to edit and blog about Open Sydney - I'll get onto it as soon as I can. Yay for constant blogging.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

LuminoCity + Markets

Today one of my bestfriends and I headed to Pier 2/3 for LuminoCity. An exhibition that showcased graduating University of New South Wales Built Environment student's major works. It had works from all of the sub-faculties such as Interior Design, Architecture and Masters of Architecture. Each work had been crafted with such precision and you could really tell the time and effort that had been put in was immense. My heart sunk as I knew I would be going into a course that would push me to my limits. But at the same time the whole concept of design in an 'urban' setting, in a built environment intrigued me and inspired me, so what can you do? You only live once as they say, may as well make a good name out of it. For anyone willing to check out the exhibition, it's open from the 15-22 November. More info here.

We later headed back to Circular Quay where weekend markets were held at the Rocks. Pretty interesting all the different things they sold.

And just a little Christmas touch for the end of the post, as a little reminder that its just around the corner and that December creeping upon us.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

formal #2

 Gracie's wearing: 
Black Skater Dress with stringed back (Tattoo) - $45
Black peep-toe heels (Rubi) - gifted

Landy's wearing:
Parisian Maxi (Sheike) - $220
Agenda clutch (Nine West) - $70

Adrian's wearing:
Navy suit (Ctee - handmade by Cynthia Thai) - $priceless lol
Dress shirt (Topman) - $38
Herringbone Tie (Asos) - $17
 Jeff  Banks leather lace up (Myer) - $150

Last night I attended my friends' formal as a date of Landy, the beautiful girl in my photos. It had so much fun seeing many of my old friends and catching up with them. I really like the detail on the back of my dress as it's kind of something different and unique. I found it so frustrating wearing a long dress and dancing on Monday so I opted for a short dress that would be easy to move around in. The day before I practiced my hair with the perfect sock bun, when the time came I just couldn't seem to get it right so I kinda ended up with this crazy bird nest/sock bun bonanza. Anyways, someone said that I looked a bit like Audrey Hepburn - which was the sweetest compliment. I had a great night.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So last night I had my school formal at Le Montage.
I had my hair and makeup done by Vickie, the best friend and wore a bright pink dress. I was planning to wear red but they didn't have my size so I opted for the pink. Excuse the awkward poses and the cut off head shots, I had no idea what I was doing in front of the wall yesterday.

I had an amazing time dancing the night away and taking photos with everyone.

It saddens me that I will not see many of my peers in the future, but I just wanna acknowledge that what ever happens, those two years at this school will always be remembered and cherished and I'm glad that it has given me many fond memories that I will one day tell my grandkids.

'twas truly a great night

p.s. i must be the worst blogger ever I've been trying to get this post up since 12noon today - took me 7 hours


Saturday, November 10, 2012

sink or swim

Yesterday, my friends and I had a halloween party - 10 days after halloween. I was planning to go as a witch. Thing is, as we were making our way to the party, it started to lightly rain. I thought it would pass in a couple of minutes. It only got worse. In seconds mere sprinkles of rain turned into sweeping downfall of buckets of water. We were drenched from head to toe. I was basically screaming the whole time - freaking out. We got to a bus stop to shelter from the storm. Then it promptly stated hailing. I was like 'WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?!!!"

Getting to my best friends place we all took hot showers and changed into some dry clothes. My costume was ruined. I improvised with some old clothes and managed to dress up as a pumpkin, as inspired by Letitia from Look Under Here.

Today I spent the day looking for a formal dress - formal's on Monday. It's so last minute.

hope you're well!!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

good things

What up yo?!

Sunday was fun, blogpost wont be up until thursday or friday. So I'll go into the details later on.
Had a study sesh with my art class today all cooped up in a little study room at State Library - it was pretty good. Everyone else is practically finished - blahhh just two more days.

Today I wanna talk about Facebook. So sometime last month, marked the one year anniversary of my non-Facebook period.

Last October, I got my mum to change my password so that when I deactivated my account I couldn't go back on. At first it was cray-cray, I realised how much I wanted to check what everyone else in the world was doing, but the thing is did I really need to know this knowledge? Would it have benefited me in any way? No

There were a number of ups and down of a Facebook free life and my year without the social media beast allowed me to reflect on the different aspects of my life.

- organising events became a hell, I had to get friends to alert me for birthday parties and even my school formal
- the inability to enter Facebook competitions, man there was a $1000 shopping spree voucher up for grabs at one point and that just killed me
- not sure if this is counted as a bad but I occasionally peeped into the Facebook realm, when I was with my best friend he'd show me stuff on Facebook and for some reason I realised how jealous I was of other people. Like in the terms that "wow they look like they're having so much fun." I later realised the purpose of Facebook is to yes, share with family and friends but too what extent has that sharing become a tool of "boasting" ones life. Now I'm not saying you know people use Facebook to show off to one another but on a certain level - this is what it has come to.

- had more time to myself, Facebook was filling my head with unnecessary data: did I really need to know what colour dress Stella was wearing at Josh's 18th drink-for-your-life party? No
- it removed the distraction of social media, allowing me to focus on what was important at that time of my life which was the hsc: studying
- life's a lot simpler to be honest and it's nice: it was like a long term detox from the brutality of social media
- it gave you a different perspective of the world: I think, well for me, that during my year of no Facebook I became more verbal. I realised the loss of verbal connection with Facebook. It was nice to just talk to people face-to-face or on the phone, to hear their voice or to show their emotions.

So what happens now? Well I can officially go back on Facebook on Thursday cause that's when I finish. But I don't think I'll be on it as much as I use to. But I guess we'll just have to see.

It was a pretty interesting experiment to undertake over the period of a year as it challenged me psychologically. Still cant believe that there is one seventh of the world population on Facebook - it really makes you go woah.

Anyways I'm ready to let loose and party, come on lets get this over and done with arghhhhhh.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

thrifty saturday

Today I went to Sydney Markets for a little bit of thrifting. I ended up getting 5 rolls of crimson red yarn ($2 for the whole lot), Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince ($2) and some cook book ($1).

The yarns gonna be great for the coming months cause its summer time and I'm gonna get into my knitting for winter. Harry Potter - funny story, I've read the first one and the last one: everything in the middle is irrelevant (jokes). I don't know, I just bought it cause it was only two dollars. And the cookbook, uhm well I'm planning to learn to cook after the hsc cause I can't cook. Ironically I came first in Food Tech, so...... yeah.. still can't cook. The other day I was home alone and for lunch, cause I couldn't make anything I ended up toasting two slices of bread and stuffing it with lettuce and tomato and some barbeque sauce - what a fail.... So that's basically why I need to learn to cook.

Anyways hope you're having a great weekend