Thursday, November 29, 2012

beach house

So alas I appear once again on the blog world. Its been more than a week and my absence has good reasoning. For the past week I haven't been feeling the best and so I didn't want my dodgy mood to be reflect on this platform. But alas, its all okay now so nothing to worry about.

Yesterday I drove up north to The Entrance to visit some friends staying at this beach house. It was a pretty sweet place, three storeys high, jacuzzi on the top, beach right out side. Playing card games and Scattegories (new fav game man!), chilling and swimming, it was pretty fun.

I ended up staying the night, but I didn't have anything on me. No pjs, toiletries, towels... only my bathers and what I was wearing. I only got three hours of sleep which was really annoying. Like I'm so picky when it comes to sleep, I need no light no sound - so I usually have an eye mask and ear plugs. Didn't have that last night and the boys were snoring so... I just like lay in bed pondering in the endless morning hours... ugh.

On another note, yesterday was probably one of the first time in a long time that I stepped out in a bikini. This post was probably the day I realised I really got to do something about my weight - my heaviest point ever. This post was the one that followed and this was when I said I'd really get into my popilates, strangely one of my popular posts. And this one was my fitness routine. So its been about a bit over two months now and have lost 5 kilograms all up. Stepping out in a bikini is one of those things that can be really daunting, esp if your body conscious, so yesterday was a really strange experience. I haven't reached perfect bikini body yet, but it's only good news and more hard work from here on in, cause I can't wait to chill at the beach, this summer. Adding onto my exercise, funniest thing, I did blogilates infront of my mates this morning before breakkie and it was just hilarious.

And from that , moving onto my next point, my best friends were telling me how I really have no shame. And with that I recently realised (wise gracie comes in) that as long as your content with your life, you should just do what makes you happy and not care what everyone else thinks - even if it means popilates in awkward positions infront of your mates. But I think to get to that point of contentment, it takes so much courage and confidence and sometimes it just takes time. For me, well I'm probably one of the silliest people you will ever meet, I am nearly always a fool in public and am always embarrassing myself. But well whatever, who cares, there are more important things to worry about.

Anyways so that was a really long post, thanks for reading so far... hahas uhm as for my photos. The last one was a shameless selfie when no one was in the room - yes guilty as charged, I am a selfie-er.

Staying strong,