Thursday, November 22, 2012

diy: Watercolour Birthday Card

So here it comes, the first DIY post in over golly knows how long. Personally I find diys the most work to put together in blog post form compared to outfit posts (which including shooting time is probably only takes just over an hour or half an hour if I'm quick). But moving on, today I present to you the watercolour birthday card/or just watercolour card in general. This card was made back in October, on a lazy Saturday afternoon for one of my best friends. 

Let's get to it!

You will need:
- a plastic plate
- paintbrush
- cardstock (preferably watercolour paper, but cardstock works the same)
- alphabet stamp set (from Kikki.K, was a gift - thanks Michelle) [optional]
- watercolour paint (in the colours you choose)
- a spray bottle
- an empty icecream tub

Step 1:

Getting some of the paint on the plate, swerve the brush - twisting and turning it for an intuitive effect. There's really no perfect way to do this so go crazy with it.

Step 2:

So my tub originally had some water in it, you don't need water in it. 
Placing the card in, get your spray bottle and SPRAY!
Watch as the paint glides over the card in all directions.

Step 3:

So I kinda realised I edited the photos in a strange order but let me try and explain the steps.
So get out your stamp set (remember this is optional and can be done by hand). Get some
black watercolour paint and stamp away! If your using this method of watercolour cards and its not for a birthday, feel free to moderate these steps in what ever manner pleases you.

Step 4:

So here the strange and embarrassing bit. I wanted to jazz it up with an ice-cream at the top. It didn't turn out to my expectations so I decided to cut it off. But the tip of the cone was left, so I went around each side and made triangles - phew~

 And done!

Hope you enjoyed this easy diy, if you have any questions feel free to pop them in the comments section.

Have a great day!