Tuesday, November 6, 2012

good things

What up yo?!

Sunday was fun, blogpost wont be up until thursday or friday. So I'll go into the details later on.
Had a study sesh with my art class today all cooped up in a little study room at State Library - it was pretty good. Everyone else is practically finished - blahhh just two more days.

Today I wanna talk about Facebook. So sometime last month, marked the one year anniversary of my non-Facebook period.

Last October, I got my mum to change my password so that when I deactivated my account I couldn't go back on. At first it was cray-cray, I realised how much I wanted to check what everyone else in the world was doing, but the thing is did I really need to know this knowledge? Would it have benefited me in any way? No

There were a number of ups and down of a Facebook free life and my year without the social media beast allowed me to reflect on the different aspects of my life.

- organising events became a hell, I had to get friends to alert me for birthday parties and even my school formal
- the inability to enter Facebook competitions, man there was a $1000 shopping spree voucher up for grabs at one point and that just killed me
- not sure if this is counted as a bad but I occasionally peeped into the Facebook realm, when I was with my best friend he'd show me stuff on Facebook and for some reason I realised how jealous I was of other people. Like in the terms that "wow they look like they're having so much fun." I later realised the purpose of Facebook is to yes, share with family and friends but too what extent has that sharing become a tool of "boasting" ones life. Now I'm not saying you know people use Facebook to show off to one another but on a certain level - this is what it has come to.

- had more time to myself, Facebook was filling my head with unnecessary data: did I really need to know what colour dress Stella was wearing at Josh's 18th drink-for-your-life party? No
- it removed the distraction of social media, allowing me to focus on what was important at that time of my life which was the hsc: studying
- life's a lot simpler to be honest and it's nice: it was like a long term detox from the brutality of social media
- it gave you a different perspective of the world: I think, well for me, that during my year of no Facebook I became more verbal. I realised the loss of verbal connection with Facebook. It was nice to just talk to people face-to-face or on the phone, to hear their voice or to show their emotions.

So what happens now? Well I can officially go back on Facebook on Thursday cause that's when I finish. But I don't think I'll be on it as much as I use to. But I guess we'll just have to see.

It was a pretty interesting experiment to undertake over the period of a year as it challenged me psychologically. Still cant believe that there is one seventh of the world population on Facebook - it really makes you go woah.

Anyways I'm ready to let loose and party, come on lets get this over and done with arghhhhhh.