Saturday, November 3, 2012

Open Sydney Part 1

Last night me and one of my best friends ventured out into the town - Sydney, to do a little tour of
Sydney buildings that are usually ‘off limits’. We got to see the Chief Secretary's Building, Parliament House and On Seven at David Jones. They held free access to five buildings on Friday night and on Sunday, you buy a city pass and you can go check out 50 places. It's just really fun to see the type of architecture and the design of each of these buildings especially the heritage ones.

First stop Chief Secretary's Building - this is where the Governor General works, who knew..

We then went over to State Parliament House

Last stop On Seven at David Jones  - so beautiful, it was like heaven on earth and you know it when Miranda Kerr's doing her stuff at the elevator doors.

I had lots of fun, it was really cool to experience the different atmospheres in each building and what not.

Can't wait till sunday!