Saturday, November 10, 2012

sink or swim

Yesterday, my friends and I had a halloween party - 10 days after halloween. I was planning to go as a witch. Thing is, as we were making our way to the party, it started to lightly rain. I thought it would pass in a couple of minutes. It only got worse. In seconds mere sprinkles of rain turned into sweeping downfall of buckets of water. We were drenched from head to toe. I was basically screaming the whole time - freaking out. We got to a bus stop to shelter from the storm. Then it promptly stated hailing. I was like 'WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?!!!"

Getting to my best friends place we all took hot showers and changed into some dry clothes. My costume was ruined. I improvised with some old clothes and managed to dress up as a pumpkin, as inspired by Letitia from Look Under Here.

Today I spent the day looking for a formal dress - formal's on Monday. It's so last minute.

hope you're well!!