Saturday, November 3, 2012

thrifty saturday

Today I went to Sydney Markets for a little bit of thrifting. I ended up getting 5 rolls of crimson red yarn ($2 for the whole lot), Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince ($2) and some cook book ($1).

The yarns gonna be great for the coming months cause its summer time and I'm gonna get into my knitting for winter. Harry Potter - funny story, I've read the first one and the last one: everything in the middle is irrelevant (jokes). I don't know, I just bought it cause it was only two dollars. And the cookbook, uhm well I'm planning to learn to cook after the hsc cause I can't cook. Ironically I came first in Food Tech, so...... yeah.. still can't cook. The other day I was home alone and for lunch, cause I couldn't make anything I ended up toasting two slices of bread and stuffing it with lettuce and tomato and some barbeque sauce - what a fail.... So that's basically why I need to learn to cook.

Anyways hope you're having a great weekend